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ARTHA® Cloud

State-of-the-art company owned exclusive cloud facility

Highly Secured

Secured with encryption and data privacy

Continuous Support

Get support directly from the expert team


Year of Experience

Single Source Code & AI Does it all

At Artha we believe every business has a right to succeed. The entire application is built around that vision. The single source code method combined with artificial intelligence, reduces the burden of traceability and increases consistency and overall efficiency.

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Award Winning

Recognized as one of the 50 smartest companies of the year by Silicon Review

Implementation Team

Our experienced team will guide you through the implementation process, and provide you with practical advice specific to your business needs.

ARTHA Products


Retail Solution

Artha allows you to take control of your business by combining all aspects of your operations into one elegant, seamless solution. The Artha Retail Application was created with efficiency and simplicity in mind.

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Manufacturing Solution

Artha’s solution for the manufacturing sector is the outcome of years of research. Artha’s Manufacturing Application integrates multiple modules and in turn revolutionizes the way you manage your organization.

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CPAs and CAs Solution

This solution is specifically designed for CPAs and CAs to enhance accountability, traceability and efficiency by eliminating duplication and errors in data.

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Education ERP

Artha’s Education Application empowers institutions by seamlessly integrating educational functions and business operations.

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Transport ERP

Artha’s Transport Application is a state-of-the-art ERP designed totackle all challenges and responsibilities of a transportation department. It can be tailored to schools, education commissions, districts, townships, and even cities.

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Solutions for Government

Artha’s Government Application is a platform that integrates seamlessly with other applications, and the transition from old legacy systems is effortless.

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