Artha is a world-leading supplier of business management software created to fit all sizes of business. Our purpose is to help our customers run their businesses more effectively while helping them gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business process. Our application covers a wide range of business requirements including accounting, inventory management, the point of sale, shipping, warehouse management, and specialized products for specific industries.
Artha has a fast growing base of customers with offices across the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. Our registered office is located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Artha stands behind high standards in principles for operating business agility, innovation, trust, integrity, and simplicity. Artha is committed to a close connection with our customers.

Artha Brand

Our brand, Artha, is used by all operating entities of Artha Systems, LLC with a growing customer base. Artha is an international company.


Our Vision is to be recognized as the most valuable supporter of all business by creating an atmosphere which enables the business to have the freedom to become successful. This means that we pride ourselves on understanding how and why your business is unique and providing you with products and services that suit your needs, are a pleasure to use, and are secure and efficient.

Our customers have told us that running a business can be daunting and having trust in Artha to take care of the basic management has eased much of that uncertainty. Our customers are satisfied with the smart, efficient and simple business management system Artha provides. Also, our customers appreciate dealing with real people whenever issues arise and need to be addressed quickly.

We measure our success by your success. From the intuitive design of our software to the expertise of our people, we focus on giving you the freedom, confidence, and control you need to achieve your business ambitions. We want to do it so well that you'll recommend us to other people.


Designed for you

The world is changing the way in which business is managed and operated. The birth of cloud has given an entirely new dimension in the way in which business is operated. With Artha there are a host of developments which keep your business running and supply you with up to date information you need in real time. The software is designed with features which completely enables and enhances you complex business into a simple streamlined solution.
Our company spent years providing strategy consulting and custom software solutions to the world's largest and most respect corporations. Our ultra-efficient processes, intelligent and innovate solutions, and simple-to-use applications have helped thousands of companies streamline their operations and have improved the health and stability of those businesses.
Our application, Artha is the embodiment of our experience and knowledge. Our goal was to provide the necessary business process and technology to stimulate economic stability, growth, and prosperity for all business-not just those with large budgets. We created a cloud-based supply chain ecosystem designed to remove the most constraints and be as simple as possible to use for any business-no matter their size or their expertise.

Being in Cloud

Cloud computing is now evolving like never before, with companies of all shapes and sizes adapting to this new technology. Industry experts believe that this trend will only continue to grow and develop even further in the coming few years. The survival and efficiency of business depend on operating on an integrated application with simple processes well connected across the globe. This is similar to how the mobile phone has changed the speed of critical path process that best fits each individual business to function in the new area.
Artha software solution business suites are complete cloud-based which comes with a list of benefits.

- Any update made is available real-time to your product
- Your IT software/hardware expenses are reduced drastically
- Everything automated
- Manage your business from anywhere
- Multiple options to define a seamless solution to run your business
- Quick deployment
- Implementation of integrated systems cost significantly less than the previous legacy systems

Technology Innovativeness

At Artha, we spent significant time and money on R&D with the global to have a simple solution with the highest security and the ease of use for any job function. There is a seamless automation of data across multiple modules minimize the manual input points. The technology innovation applied for Artha solutions directly reflects key benefits towards you. All forms of content in Artha are designed for faster access and ease of use. Your content Whether it be images or any other content is directly stored in your exclusive database which means the content can be accessed at tremendous speed. The entire coding solutions are built using a logic which helps in fast retrieve of information and with highest level security. This also means any update made by Artha becomes easy to deploy which ensures you are always updated with new versions quickly.


The global approach in the architecture developed by Artha helps you to directly manage your business and create global footprint at lightning speed.
The global approached also gives you real-time insights to all business functions such as your customer base, inventory, sales, finance, logistics and vendors which helps you make the right decision at the right time in seconds. There complete visibility of all your business function managed in a secured manner to make split-second decisions without error.

Actionable Insight

Managing a business requires clear insights which can then help the decision makers take actions based on those insights.
Artha is developed with an intricate approach which provides key insights for your business which can simplify complex business tasks. The key, Simple to use insights, are providing in various forms such as snapshots, tabular columns, and graphs.


Artha has designed a system which is flexible to accommodate your business growth without hassles, encourages robust progress, and agile at all time. The Artha Systems solution completely fits with your business and ensures you manage your business your way. This approaches indispensable towards providing a solution which ensures your complex business is simplified.

Security and Integration

The Artha software solution is completely secured. Our solution was designed keeping Security in mind. Each account is provided with an exclusive database to manage your business. The System is designed with high-level security controls to prevent any data breaches or unauthorized access. The architecture is designed to limit access at multiple layers in the business application.
The entire Artha Systems solution is completely integrated which allows you easy access to information and provides key insights and actionable items for your business in a perfect sense. The integration technique also allows you to generate reports for various sections in the form of downloadable excel files and or other products such as Cognos.