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Artha Systems LLC was founded in 2007 and has been striving ever since to achieve our vision.We have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and resources to creating platforms that allow organizations the freedom to conduct business without worry.

We have created a number of applications that incorporate our proprietary software and leverages Blockchain technology with the goal of creating maximum value in the ERP market. One of Artha’s key objectives is to empower organizations with absolute freedom and control, enabling them to execute on short and long-term goals.

Vision Statement

To become a global leader in supporting organizations of all sizes in streamlining operations, through designing platforms that are built to build on.

Award Winning

Awarded as 50 smartest companies of the year by Silicon Review

Implementation Team

The implementation team will guide you in implementing by providing practical advice which they bring with their experience

Mission Statement

To level the global playing field through providing accessible and affordable Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. We strive to simplify all business complexities to give rise to more revenue generating activities.

Data Center

Artha has a private, cloud-based data center that meets ISO standards, as well as ANSI and British Standards. Our data is impeccably secured with a state-of-the-art firewall. The entire coding solution is built using logic which results in rapid retrieval of data, all the while not compromising security.