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Retail Solution

Why Choose Us!

Artha Works for Your Business

Artha allows you to take control of your business by combining all aspects of your business into one elegant, seamless solution.

• Real-time logistics including visibility to your customers, will keep things simple.
• Integrated e-commerce and a shopping cart will expand your market beyond your in-store customers.
• Our cloud solution empowers your business to be managed from anywhere, at anytime .

Created and Developed with Efficiency in Mind

Artha believes in a simplified business process to stimulate growth.

• Our tight-looped enterprise application tells you when and how to make important decisions.
• We work continuously to eliminate redundant steps in order to improve your productivity.
• Time & motion studies are factored in every transaction to simplify user experience .

Essential Features

  • Back Office ERP
  • E-commerce
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Master
  • POS
  • Customer-facing Website
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipping Logistics
  • Vital Status Reports
  • Financial Tools

Security and Support

Artha has a private, cloud-based data center that meets ISO standards, as well as ANSI and British standards. Our data is impeccably secured with a state-of-the-art firewall. The entire coding solution is built using a logic which helps in the fast retrieval of information and with the highest level of security. This also means any update made by Artha becomes easy to deploy ensuring you are always updated with new versions quickly.

In order to ensure complete customer care and satisfaction, the Artha support team is available 24/7 with services that include back end monitoring and proactive problem resolution.

100% Satisfaction

Dedicated Team

Seamless Support