Single Source Code. Does it all.

Artha products are developed using Single Source Code Technology.

Why Single Source Code? Here is why

With a software you want to travel as light as possible, and the easiest way to do that is to develop using single source code. Furthermore, you want to record information as few times as possible, ideally only once. For example, if you describe a business rule in a use case, then describe it in detail in a business rule specification, then implement it in code, you have three versions of the same business rule to maintain. It would be far better to record the business rule once, ideally as human-readable but implementable code, and then reference it from any other artifact as appropriate.

Why do you want to record a concept once? Three reasons:

Reduce your maintenance burden. The more representations that you maintain the greater the maintenance burden because you'll want to keep each version in sync with each other.

Reduce your traceability burden. With multiple copies the greater your traceability needs will be because you'll need to relate each version to its alternate representations, otherwise you'll never be able to keep them synchronized when a change does occur.

Increase consistency. The more copies you have the greater the chance you will have inconsistent information because you very likely won't be able to keep the versions synchronized.